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SVU Ship Swap: Sign-ups now open!

SVU ShipSwap: Sign-Up Instructions

Signing up for this exchange is a promise to either write a story (of 1,000 words or greater in length) or create an original work of art for another participant. Please be sure you should have the time to commit to doing this, by the deadline date of August 17 2016, before deciding to participate. (You will have at least 5 weeks to create your work.)

When you sign up for the exchange, you must request a minimum of three different ships you’re willing to receive, and a minimum of four different pairings you’re willing to offer. The only ships eligible are those which have already been nominated and approved, and they are all listed in our tagset.

For both requests and offers you can submit a maximum of 10. Obviously, the more you can offer and request, the better your chances of being matched on either will be. However, please only offer to create works for ’ships you genuinely feel comfortable offering—this is not meant to pressure you to offer ships you are not comfortable working with.

How to Submit Your Sign-Up

Go to the exchange sign up page on AO3 found here:

In the “Fandom” selection box for Requests, be sure to check the box for “Law & Order: SVU”.

In the Relationship box, fill in your first requested ship. Just start typing a name and the auto-fill possibilities should show up from the accepted nominated pairings. If it doesn’t (and not all ships do), copy & paste your requested ship exactly as it appears in the tagset for the exchange ( If you do not submit it in the proper format, you will not be able to be matched on that ship.

In the “Additional Tags” box, indicate if you are interested in receiving Fic, Art, or both by checking the appropriate boxes. (Please keep in mind we are very likely to have more writers than artists sign up for the exchange. So if you onlycheck that you are interested in receiving art, you may be difficult to match with an offering participant.)

In the “Prompt URL” box, include a link (optional) to where you have posted any “Dear Author” letter for your matched author/artist to read. There you can include any likes/dislikes you may have either in general or specifically for this ship. You can include specific prompt ideas you might have as well, which many creators find useful in exchanges for giving them ideas. However, keep in mind that “optional details are optional” - your creator is not required to follow any prompts you suggest. They only are required to write or create art for the ship you have requested. It is, however, considered good and proper exchange etiquette to honor any “Do Not Wants” a requestor might specify in their letter or otherwise. (So if someone states they Do Not Want, for example, a flowershop AU story, it would be bad form to disregard that request and write one anyway.)

If you don’t feel like writing a “Dear Author/Artist” letter, you can include your optional details/prompts in the “Description” box.

Repeat the above process for the 3-10 requests you have, then move on to the Offers section. The process for submitting your offers is very much the same as the above, except you do not have to fill out any “Prompt URL” or “Description” boxes. Just be sure to indicate if you are offering Fic, Art, or possibly either for each offer you make.

When you are finished with your offers and requests, be sure to hit the “Submit” button. If there is any missing information in your sign-up, you will receive an error message indicating what needs to be fixed.

Can I edit my sign-up after I’ve submitted it?

Yes, you can edit your sign-up all the way up until the deadline of July 5, in case you change your mind on your requests or offers—or want to delete your sign-up completely. Requests will be viewable here as soon as sign-ups open, so you may adjust your offers based on what has been requested so far. (Maybe someone’s prompt or letter will give you inspiration to write a ship you initially weren’t sure about offering!)

Your offers will not be publicly viewable.

What happens if I can’t be matched on the ships I have requested?

Your requests will be sent out for pinch hits. You will not be asked to request other ships that you may not be interested in.

What happens if I can’t be matched on the ships I have offered?

If no one has requested the ships you’ve offered to write, the admin will contact you to see if you are willing to offer any other ships for the exchange. If not, then regrettably we will have to reject your sign-up from the exchange.

Run into any problems? Please contact me and I will try to fix/answer your questions as soon as possible.

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