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Story collection to open tonight!

This is just a reminder that the AO3 collection will be opened this evening - 11pm Eastern Time on August 21st.  So if you are planning on or finishing any last-minute edits, treats, or what-have-you, please have them done by the opening time.

Also remember that author/artist identities will remain “anonymous” for one week from opening time. After one week (on August 28) creators will be revealed. So part of the fun is trying to guess who might have written what story – or simply enjoying them without any expectations :)

One general pointer, to make sure everyone browsing the SVU tag at AO3 sees your creations: you may wish to update the publication date for your submission(s) from whenever you uploaded them to the current date. (This is totally common, accepted practice for AO3-hosted exchanges so that the submissions show up at the top of fandom tag.) To do so:

1. go in to edit your work(s)

2. scroll down to “Set a different publication date” under Associations and check that box

3. set the publication date to the current date

4. then “post without preview”

…and you’re done!

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